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About Us

Knysna Segway Tours a combined green technology, sustainability and a desire to bring a unique and fun experience to Knysna for the whole family. We Operates within the Greater Knysna Area with stunning overlooking views of the Knysna Estuary the Heart of the (Garden Route) a stunning coastal region of the Western Cape, which believe is one of the best Tourism destinations of the world. Knysna is the town for all seasons and it stretches along the most beautiful beaches natural indigenous forests, Rivers, Mountains and exotic birdlife that’s make Knysna a true paradise for locals and visitors alike.

Our Obligation

We are Committed to providing the highest quality orientation, training and Tours. A desire to make our guests feel comfortable and history of providing the safest Segway tours.

Caring for Destination

The Segway tours have a minimum impact by not using fuel,minimising noise levels and not disturbing anything in the Nature Reserve where the tours are conducted. This is an eco-friendly way of seeing and exploring nature!

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Knysna Turaco

The Lourie! The Knysna turaco (Tauraco corythaix), or, in South Africa, Knysna lourie, is a large turaco, one of a group of African near-passerine birds. It is a resident breeder …

Knysna Lagoon

Knysna Lagoon Knysna Lagoon is actually an estuary, providing valuable nutrients to the ecology of the coastline. The lagoon is a water sport haven. Fishing, both estuarine and deep sea, …